The Myriad Benefits of Cycling

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Although the theme of the VeloFest Bicycle Festival revolves around safety education, there are many other significant benefits of participating in the event. Cycling is a low-impact aerobic activity with various intensities that is suitable for most ages. It is a delightful exercise that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeps you fit both mentally and physically.

Cycling at the Velofest Bicycle Festival will help you reduce your lower body fat levels, thus promoting healthy weight management. It will also increase your build muscle and metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories even when you are resting. Cycling strengthens the muscle of your legs without putting too much stress on them and also enhances the overall function of the lower part of your body. It targets your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

The VeloFest Bicycle Festival is ideal for virtually anyone. The only requirement is that you know the basics of riding a bicycle. If you are coming back from an illness or injury, or are new to fitness, it would be a great idea to participate in the festival. Riding a bicycle is easy on your body, and is, therefore, a gentle choice for individuals who are looking for an intense workout that does not stress the joints. Cycling is also a great solution for people with joint problems or overall stiffness, particularly in the lower body.

Cycling is also known to strengthen your core muscles including your abdominals and back. Keeping a bicycle in position and maintaining an upright posture while cycling requires a certain degree of core strength. Strong abdominals and back muscles improve comfort, stability, and support your spine while cycling. As you keep your bicycle upright and stabilize your body, you will improve your overall posture, balance, and coordination. Balance tends to decline with inactivity and age, and it is essential to stay on top of it. Enhanced balance is essential in the prevention of fractures and falls which can sideline you while you take a break from exercising to recover.

Participating in the VeloFest Bicycle Festival is also a great way to relax and reveal feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression. Focusing on the road when riding a bicycle enhances your awareness of the current moment and helps develop your concentration. VeloFest Bicycle Festival is a great way to take your mind off the day’s chatter. Exercise generates endorphins which lower stress levels and makes you feel better.

If you live near St. Augustine and have cancer or are recovering from it, participating in VeloFest Bicycle Festival can keep you fit and lean. This helps decrease the risk of certain kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. Recent studies reveal that exercising if you have breast cancer can help decrease cancer treatment side-effects, including fatigue, and enhance your overall quality of life. Whether you want to manage existing medical conditions or want to avoid health issues from occurring, exercise is essential. Cycling is one of the solutions to a sedentary lifestyle and the health concerns associated with it. It can help you avoid cardiac issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Cycling can also help you to manage and prevent Type-2 Diabetes.

Attending the St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival is a great way to increase your awareness and education about safety when cycling on the road. It is also a fun way to spend time with your family, exercise, and boost your mental and physical health.

How the VeloFest Works

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But road safety cannot be achieved by vehicle drivers only. Cyclists also need to play their part while on the road. For example, bicycle riders should always ensure that they follow the flow of traffic. This is required by law. Also, it is also safer from a physics and mathematical standpoint. The bright red octagon signs with the word STOP should not be viewed as decorations, they are there for a reason. Some people might argue that doing courtesy or Idaho stop is safe for cyclists, but this argument only holds if vehicle drivers are stopping at signs. However, this is not always the case. Cyclists should also ensure that their lights are on during dusk, dawn, and when cycling during the night. These are some of the things that cyclists should do at the bare minimum to ensure their safety on the roads of St. Augustine.

The St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival is free to attend and usually kicks off with a bicycle parade that welcomes people of all ages (including those with and without long term care), general enthusiasts, walkers, runners, and tow behinds. You can participate in a two-mile bicycle ride or shorter around the neighborhood if you prefer. During this event, the roads are usually not closed and all traffic rules apply, and it is suggested that you wear a helmet while cycling. As the evening begins to set in, the VeloFest Bicycle Festival features live music, sidewalk chalk, as well as bicycle decorating for children. Velo Fest Swag and some cold brews are available for purchase during this time.

The second day of the St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival usually features a bicycle rodeo, free helmets, and helmet fittings. Other activities might include manicures and mimosas for Mom, expo, Alive tomorrow NASCAR, Scott Lagasse Jr & the Alert Today, and lots of other fun activities. At around 1 pm, there is a free race for kids where all children receive a treat and a bottle of water. Parents of children participating in the event are encouraged to follow along. trikes, training wheels, and glide bikes are allowed, but all children are required to wear a helmet

VeloFest Bicycle Festival organizers want to ensure the best experience for people who participate in the event. That is why they launched The Official Gentleman’s Bicycle Guide to make you familiar with St. Augustine and help you navigate the streets during the VeloFest Bicycle Festival. Before the event, the organizers usually distribute the maps from door to door, and in banks, restaurants, bars, and other establishments. The map is in black and white and is relatively easy to read. If you will be coming from out of town to participate in the event or live too far away to cycle your way to the event, you will be delighted to learn that there is parking available at St. Augustine Amphitheater. VeloFest Bicycle Festival is all about creating awareness and education and making safety information accessible to the community and offering safety bicycle instruments such as flashing lights and maps.

What is VeloFest?

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Hop on your bicycle and ride around St. Augustine for this educational three-day event, fundraising for the Velo Fest Community Initiative. Take part in the event which usually features parties, pedal-power parades, and road races.

The VeloFest Community Initiative was founded by Heather Neathervile after her friend was killed while riding a bicycle. The main objective of the initiative is to promote the safe coexistence between car-drivers and bicycle riders in the community. By launching the VeloFest Community Initiative, Heather Neathervile went from a casual cyclist to a full-time educator and advocate to keep roads safer for all those who use it. When Bryan Wrigley was killed in a bicycle accident on 13th April 2011, Heather and other people close to him held a memorial service for him and to create awareness about the challenges that cyclists often face. Not long after the date for the memorial event was set two things occurred. First, Heather learned about the terrifying rate of cyclists being killed on the road, and second, city staff and elected officials started to develop ways to improve the situation. At the launch of the Initiative, Velofest was just a word, but now it has become an adjective and a verb that represents a movement of the people with a mission to make the roads a safer place for all those who use it.

Initially VeloFest Community Initiative targeted car drivers as its main audience. Later, it developed for both people who drive cars and those who ride bicycles. Since then, the initiative has encouraged people to be a little more concerned with the safety of their fellow human beings. People support the VeloFest Initiative by Velofesting to create mutually beneficial roads in rhetoric and practice. The organization hosts various fun events such as the St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival.

The best way to ensure the safe co-existence of bicycle riders and vehicle drivers in St. Augustine is by creating awareness through events and educational campaigns such as the St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival. One of the rules that vehicle drivers forget is that cyclists can be on the same lane as cars, even if there is a bike lane. The only exception to this rule is on interstate roads. Both bicycles and vehicles need to pay attention when entering traffic, at stoplights, and at stop signs. Drivers should maintain a three-feet distance when overtaking bicycles, or move over to another lane if there is one. There is absolutely no point in running someone over, just so that you can make it to Starbucks a half-second earlier.