How the VeloFest Works

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But road safety cannot be achieved by vehicle drivers only. Cyclists also need to play their part while on the road. For example, bicycle riders should always ensure that they follow the flow of traffic. This is required by law. Also, it is also safer from a physics and mathematical standpoint. The bright red octagon signs with the word STOP should not be viewed as decorations, they are there for a reason. Some people might argue that doing courtesy or Idaho stop is safe for cyclists, but this argument only holds if vehicle drivers are stopping at signs. However, this is not always the case. Cyclists should also ensure that their lights are on during dusk, dawn, and when cycling during the night. These are some of the things that cyclists should do at the bare minimum to ensure their safety on the roads of St. Augustine.

The St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival is free to attend and usually kicks off with a bicycle parade that welcomes people of all ages (including those with and without long term care), general enthusiasts, walkers, runners, and tow behinds. You can participate in a two-mile bicycle ride or shorter around the neighborhood if you prefer. During this event, the roads are usually not closed and all traffic rules apply, and it is suggested that you wear a helmet while cycling. As the evening begins to set in, the VeloFest Bicycle Festival features live music, sidewalk chalk, as well as bicycle decorating for children. Velo Fest Swag and some cold brews are available for purchase during this time.

The second day of the St. Augustine VeloFest Bicycle Festival usually features a bicycle rodeo, free helmets, and helmet fittings. Other activities might include manicures and mimosas for Mom, expo, Alive tomorrow NASCAR, Scott Lagasse Jr & the Alert Today, and lots of other fun activities. At around 1 pm, there is a free race for kids where all children receive a treat and a bottle of water. Parents of children participating in the event are encouraged to follow along. trikes, training wheels, and glide bikes are allowed, but all children are required to wear a helmet

VeloFest Bicycle Festival organizers want to ensure the best experience for people who participate in the event. That is why they launched The Official Gentleman’s Bicycle Guide to make you familiar with St. Augustine and help you navigate the streets during the VeloFest Bicycle Festival. Before the event, the organizers usually distribute the maps from door to door, and in banks, restaurants, bars, and other establishments. The map is in black and white and is relatively easy to read. If you will be coming from out of town to participate in the event or live too far away to cycle your way to the event, you will be delighted to learn that there is parking available at St. Augustine Amphitheater. VeloFest Bicycle Festival is all about creating awareness and education and making safety information accessible to the community and offering safety bicycle instruments such as flashing lights and maps.